Wednesday, July 14, 2010


A couple weeks after we were back from Disney World we were watching The Incredibles and on there a lady named Edna was designing Mr. Incredible a suit and she says NO CAPES. So Noah says what did she say and Momma says NO CAPES and he says ok so ...........( Heres the good part :) ) NO CAPES ( The incredibles ) AND NO TOUCHIE ( Kuzco ) AND NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY ( Disney World rides ) LOL!!!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!

Sydaboo :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

new moon!

I LOVE new moon its awsome!!
I LOVE my Edward!
Edward is sooo awsome! I mean who doesn't drool over him?!? I know I do!! Hes my HERO!! :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rice Babies!

One night we were having rice, potatos, chicken, and peas. So we all sat down at the table and we said noah you gotta eat .Noah's reply was "No i tan't eat my babies"It was so funny! Then after awhile Noah said "Hey guys you want to go to the potty(party) in my tummy!" Then Ashton and I In a high pitched voice yeah! Then Noah said "Otay lets go"
sooo funnyWellif you have seen Yo Gabba Gabba Then you will think its funny If not then not so much!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Silly Times!

Can you imagine a little boy wearing a Hula costume you know how boys like to play with dirt and bugs. Well at Target Jacob put on a Hula costume! It was sooooo funny here is how it went! Ashton and me found these costumes an Ashton put them on and jacob said i want to do it and Ashton said no Jacob this is for girls and we walked away from him and he put them on and that was so funny we had to take a picture of it!!

The pictue on top is Emmie and if your wondering why she has a Cherro on her head thats cause Ashton licked one at Chik-ful-a and stuck it on her for head (Poor baby, YUCK!) but it was so funny but Emmie wasnt sure about it!! Lol!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Wild Imaginations

Noah has the wildest imaginations he has hes sippycup and there is a straw in it and you can close the straw and noah will say no dont trap me in here No No No and its so funny! As you can see this has nothin to do with imaginations but its a cute pic!
This pic is indeed from Disney World he is eating a cherry
it was hot! but it was so fun like always and ill never know what his brain thinks!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Aquarium

Monday we went to the Aquarium.
We all loved the fish Especially Noah It was his and Emmie's first
time so they loved it Emmie laughed at the fish most of the time
and Noah found a clown fish and said look Ninney (Sydney)
Nemo (LOL). There was a play area and all of them loved that.
I had been there before so i wasnt so psyched. It was fun.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Poor Kayleigh she was born three months early and was one pound and one ounce when she was born. I dont know if she is out of the hostpital yet but i do hope so! I try to pray for her every nighht i can. Shes also one of the prettiest and tinyest baby i have have ever seen. Shes lucky to be alive WOW she really is a MIRICLE!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


This Is my little sister Emelia she is so sweet her favorite thing to do is to shake her head no, Of course she doesnt know it means no ( she thinks it just a funny thing to do, lol ) I love her she Is so sweet to everyone!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Buddy

This Is my buddy and my buddy Is Noah. As you can see this was a while back but I thought this was a really cute picture. I saw this picture and thought wow he has grone up fast! I love Noah he Is so sweet he loves to give hugs and kisses and he loves danceing and having fun and if youve seen my baby pictures he looks just like me! but I just wanted you to see who my buddy was!! ttfn!

I also love this SASSY pixie!!

I also love this pixie tinkerbell is my favorite Disney charcter!!

Twilight Addict!!

I love Twilight so much I could watch the movie over and over and over again of course If I could which I cant because we always have so much to do!!

But thats ok I kinda like that! There Is ONE person/ vampire In Twilight I LOVE and Its Edward!! I mean who doesnt love him!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Wow dont Edward and Bella make a REALLY good couple!! If you want to know the truth from me Bella is so LUCKY I mean Edward is like the HOTTEST and SWEETEST guy I have ever seen!! But my mama wont let me read the books yet she says I have to be twelve till I can read the first one and fifteen till I can read the second one and so on and so on! So really my faveorite movie in the whole WORLD is now Twilight!!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Schools Almost Done!!

Wow, I cant belive spring brake is finaly HERE!! And there is only like three or four weeks of school left so that means summer is almost here. This is going to be awsome cause we are going to Six Flags with our church. AWSOME!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

My Parents ROCK!!

Ilove my Parents! They are the ones who got the tickets For us!! and Ilove them because they are my parents and they are the ones who love me!!

Taylor Swift!!!

I love Taylor Swift she is awsome!! Im so exited, In may im going to a Taylor Swift consert! She is like the best contry singer in the WORLD!!My friend carleigh was supose to come but we dont have enough TICKETS!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Fieldtrip!!

Friday I went on one of the coolest fieldtrips EVER!! We got to get in planes and act like we were driving them! But we all had a group my group was my friends Carleigh and Ryanne, are group leater was Ryannes dad!! We went In a IMAX theater and we watched planes fly and do tricks! My favroite part was when we got in the simulater and we felt what it was like to fly a plane we went up and back and to one side to the other side but it was so loud everyone in there was screaming!! Even boys me and Carleigh didnt scream though! After that we went in the gift shop and then it was time to go!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Im Sydney ,my parents are Paul and Jennifer I have four siblings, my big sis. Ashton, my little brother, Jacob, my littler brother Noah, and my baby sis Emelia. I love to listen to music, its like my life!! I Have lots of friends my BEST friends are Carleigh, Katelyn, Jenna ,and Sarah. I love to watch movies with my mama my daddy and my big sis Ashton.I love to hangout with my friends they are like my sisters!